The Cry vs The Smile

Posted on December 10, 2010


I’m sure a lot of dads out there can relate to this, lately i’ve noticed my 3 month old daughter would start to complain and cry sometimes when I’m holding her, for no reason… so I adjust myself, I play with her, I get up, I sit down, I show her her toys, I do whatever I can… but nothing, so I go to plan B… I hand her over to her mom and say “i think she’s hungry” and as I walk away she responds “no I just feed her” but when I turn around to make my argument my daughter has her eyes locked on me and with the cutest smile in her face that you can imagine, and what can a new dad do but smile? nothing really, her smile and her tiny flick (lift) of her eyebrows would have made John Wayne show a soft side.

So The Cry vs The Smile subject is not really a VS game, but yet something that goes with each other, regardless of how my daughter is acting I know that by the end of the day she is going to give me a smile that will brighten my day enough to withstand her once she stars to cry…. at 3am.

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