Dad’s Get Together ?

Posted on December 12, 2010



Ok I know a google search will not lead me to a Dad’s get together group, I have to realized that as men its harder for to find those friends that will be excited to talk about baby stuff, it should be much easier for women to find those kind of friends right ? Well I don’t know really cause my girlfriend still hasn’t found those female friends (moms) or should I say that one friend (one step at time buddy), so maybe its not just us guys that are going trow this, maybe all parents in general deal with this at first, male or female.

Maybe once Jaylah starts pre-school will start to meet other parents ? Hopefully we will cause for right now I guess we’ll have to take out our frustrations or joys on an online blog. I have to admit as much as I like writing I look forward to the day were I can talk to someone about fatherhood without having to plug it in and hit the power button.

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