No more calm sleeping

Posted on December 15, 2010


When my daughter was born, for about the first 2 months she would sleep on my chest and she loved it, I loved it even more, it was convenient, we felt connected, it was comfortable and her little heart was beating alongside mines, it was a win win for both us and also the easiest way for me to put her to sleep.

So much for that ! Jaylah is now 4 months old and her sleeping routine has gotten worse, (to my surprise because I was told different) now she is more demanding in regards to having us near in order to fall asleep but most importantly once she wakes up she freaks out if we are not there next to her.   She usually wakes up every 30 or 40 minutes during the night until eventually falling asleep for several hours leading up to the morning.

If you are a parent you know how the midnight nightmares begin… your baby starts moving his/her legs, then making small noises and eventually they hit their note and cries out for you, HERE is why I miss the Chest Sleep: because before just by having her in my chest when she tried to wake up I would rock her gently back and forward a few times and she would fall back to sleep not giving her time to fully snap out of her sleep or realize I wasn’t there, now of course having a baby on your chest for more than an hour is a little exhausting even they are just 10lbs or so, but it sure as hell beats having to get up and picking her up and knowing that by picking her up she will be fully awaken, and that fully awaking her means spending another 15 or 20 minutes praying that she falls back asleep.

Why Not Try Having Her Sleep in your Chest Again ? No way, For some reason there is nothing that my daughter finds more annoying than me trying to have her fall asleep on my chest, she hates it… cries, screams, kicks and doesn’t do anything else because she not capable of doing it, but she makes her point clear enough that she no longer likes it, clear enough for me to have given up on it, given up on something that we both enjoyed so much for the first two month of her life, something that made me feel closer to her more than anything else, But I understand that as they grow we parents start to lose connections with them that we enjoyed so much before.  Yes she’s only 4 months old and I know its not on purpose but… it is something that gives most Dad’s a sense of “yeah my little girl grows up” and most importantly “wow they grow up fast”

So how do you deal with her midnight tantrums ? Well Jaylah is fortunate to have a very dedicated mother in my girlfriend Ariana and so I’m usually saved from the main responsibility of having to wake up in the middle of the night and dealing with her, and I appreciate that very much but I also wish that I could do more or better said do at least something.  I guess I have to find something new to replace my old chest trick wish as much as I hate to admit is Long Gone !

I guess part of loosing something is gaining another, and Jaylah sure keeps surprising me with the things she likes… so I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine 🙂

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