Cubans mad at Che’s Food Truck,Why?

Posted on December 31, 2010


Above is an Argentine food truck called Chef Che’s.  It goes all over Los Angeles day and night selling food.  Seems normal right?  Well no, because it seems to have  pissed of the Cuban community in Los Angeles.  They claim that the food truck is a bad image and a disrespect to Cubans . There have been articles on many websites, local newspapers stories and even live coverage of the situation.

When local news asked the owners of the food truck how they felt about the frustrations the Cuban community were voicing, they simply said “I apologize to anyone who I may have offended. That was not my intention. My intention is to come out feed the masses and see people enjoy a good plate of food.”

Now I’m Cuban myself… born and raised.  I also happen to live in LA. I have no problem with the truck what so ever. As a matter of fact today when I bumped into the truck  near my house I took the picture above because I knew I would blog about it and then even stopped by and grabbed something to eat.  Yes it is true that Che was a murderer, but he was leading a revolution. Show me a person who has lead a revolution and is not responsible for countless lives lost and I will show you a person who did not succeed.

At the end of the day people are going to feel the way they want, but all those Cubans acting as political speakers  need to realize that the whole world does not feel the same way they do about Che Guevera.   When these people lived in Cuba they had to praise Che, salute his statue and hear about his stories every day. They did not complain or anything. Now that these people are here in the U.S why complain about a food truck that is owned by people who are not Cuban but most importantly not even politicians. They should have complained when they were in Cuba and their words would have made a difference instead of against a hard working couple trying to make a living selling food out of a food truck

Cuban Americans need to realize that Fidel Castro is the only person to blame for the way the last 50 years of Cuba have been ran, not Che Guevera. He left Cuba 45 years ago, so get over it. The Castro name is the one you should worry about not Guevarra. The Castros are the only ones ruining the life of many Cubans who still to this day live and breathe the unfortunate repercussions of the 1959 revolution.

Jorge Alarcon-Swaby

Extra: here is a local news video reporting on the situation, check it out let me know what you think.

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