My Favorite 6 Movies of 2010

Posted on January 4, 2011


Here is the list of my top 6 movies this past year, why 6 ? well cause 5 is for losers and its to hard to come up with 10 while you’re at work. There were certainly a good group of movies to choose from and of course people’s opinion will vary so keep in my mind that this is my personal opinion, buzz, budget, stars, etc don’t play much of role in my picks.  Due to my schedule and dealing with my daughter there were a couple of movies I didn’t get a chance to see that maybe would have made my list… like 127 Hours or Blue Valentine.  With that said here they are.

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6. Black Swan

Its a greatly directed film and very crisp in every single scene. Natalie Portman’s performance is probably her best to date and most likely Oscar nominee.  As her character starts to hallucinate and no longer knows whats real or not we the audience are left lost as well, that can either be a good or bad things… take it as you want.  One thing is for sure, not many director can bring that sort of emotions out of those actors like Aronofsky did.

5. The Fighter
Truth is I love boxing just as much as I love movies.  I was looking forward to this movie since talk about it possible being made was spreading so when it actually came out I was very excited.  The movie lived up to its hype I would say, but I had a huge problem with how fake the fight scenes looked, a way better job could have been done.  The highlight of Micky Ward’s career is his trilogy of fights with the late Arturo Gatti and for none of that to be included in the film was very disappointing.  Christian Bale’s performance was great but any great actor today playing a crack addict is going to get a big buzz in Hollywood.  Overall I thought the film was great mostly because it’s a ROCKY like story but only this one actually happened.

4. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Being a big documentary fan and specially working for  a documentary company I had include this one, it is truly a great piece of work, we are given complete access into the life of a comedy living legend as she turns 75 and let me tell you every minute is either making you laugh or its either making you sad, this film features a great combination of funniness and sadness that is really hard to accomplish and barely ever done well and that’s why it makes my list this year.

3. Winter’s Bone
A great portrayal of poverty in America with great emotional scenes that stayed with me long after I finished it watching. Jennifer Lawrence put out and amazing performance and the settings and place this film takes place is something you wont forget anytime soon.

2. The Social Network
Not only does it cover an interesting subject and an interesting personality, its also has the great vision of David Fincher, adding to that is the combination between Fincher and Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth, the last time they collaborated together they brought us Fight Club and this time around they’ve amazed us once again, yet the most impressive aspect of this film is the writing by the great Aaron Sorkin

1. The Secret In Their Eyes
This movie actually came out in 2009 but was released in the United States in 2010 so it qualifies for my list.  Not only is this my No.1 choice for best movie of 2010, it is also No.10 in my all-time list. While undoubtedly the great performance by the very underrated Ricardo Darín should put this movie in the top 10 list of every movie critic out there… the ending of the film is what cements its place as an all-time great.

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