Yo Appreciate You Mucho

Posted on February 2, 2011


Jaylah is almost 6 months now, its crazy how time flies, my fatty fatty is getting so big an till this day is perfectly healthy and always smiling.  I give credit of those things to her mom’s consistency in great parenting.  In the mornings when I leave the house slightly angry at Jaylah for providing me with a bad night of sleep I take the 5 minutes of walk to the Metro on Hollywood to think about how much I  sometimes don’t show my appreciation for her Mom enough and how much I respect the hard work she does with and for Jaylah.  I start to evaluate whether  my own ideas and imaginations of parenting are right or wrong.  Truth is… deep inside I always listen and take memory notes of what she says because she knows Jaylah best, she spends 24hr/day with her and If It was me spending that amount of time with her I would probably be offended if anybody questioned me about whats best for her.

Its 8:31 and I jump on the Metro train, it takes about 17 minutes for it to get to LA Center Studios in Downtown and so I spend those 12 minutes thinking even more, its been about 30 minutes since I left the house so I’m no longer mad at Jaylah… its impossible to stay mad at her for that long so my thinking automatically becomes more positive and I start to realize that I have a great girlfriend who is a great mother to our little princess.  Even thought I may not always show it… I appreciate her more than I can express in writing and although  I’m always joking around in the most serious of situation she knows that deep inside I appreciate her and the things she has given up to be a great mom while maintaining a positive attitude about life and towards me even when I spend 30 hours away from home working on a film set.

Its 9:02 and I finally arrive at work with Just Breath by Pearl Jam playing on my headphones,  so I sit down and write this before I pick up the camera.

See you in a few hours babe.

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